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Anonymous asked: I was doing my taxes when a white hole appeared and a calculator came out. Now I'm smelling a faint chem- o wait the white hole's gone. Never mind.


C-Congratulations! You now have a new calculator. Do not divide by zero or else there will be grave consequences. 

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If James and Lily had survived, I am positive that every time Harry got into trouble, there would be a huge betting pool on whether the next howler would be James and Sirius congratulating him or Lily screaming at him and commanding Severus to give him detention for a month. And as the Potter family owl would arrive, everyone would be silently anticipating the results, and at the end you’d see dumbledore discretely handing mcgonagall 10 galleons

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how do astronauts say they’re sorry?

they apollo-gize!!

We dont apologize.

we are perfect.

nasa i know of at least 2 exploded spaceships that beg to differ

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I bought a pair of high waisted shorts

the black widow is learning to adapt to popular fashion trends

do not start with me, tumblr user almyro

And here we have the Black Widow adapting to her environment displaying signs of aggression

"Yes, hello, Clint? It’s me. You told me to call you when I feel like murdering someone. Yes. Of course I’m trying my hardest to blend.”

Is it bad to say that I love these posts.
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“Every time someone says we don’t need feminism anymore, things like this come to mind. Due to insufficient dowry this young girl’s husband lacerated her face with a razor blade.” (Gwalior - India) - ph. Adrian Fisk
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people complaining about female thor messing with northern mythology obviously hasn’t realized that loki and thor were never brothers in mythology either. in fact, loki was actually odin’s brother. loki also turned himself into a female horse, bred with a stallion and gave birth to an eight-legged horse named sleipnir. marvel never covered that one, did they

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u know when ur fav character does something that should be really badass and actually is really badass

but all u can do is look at them and just shake ur head like

what a nerd

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