You shall love your crooked neighbour

Anne;female;she,her;17; has weird love for Auden and Vonnegut as well as many other things .

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 #clearly the look of someone who should never be a firebender but is
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my dad just yelled up the stairs “CHLOE DID YOU KNOW THE WEATHERMAN WAS GAY I DIDNT KNOW HE WAS GAY HE JUST GOT MARRIED TO HIS BOYFRIEND” and i was like which weatheman are we talking about here and he said “THE BLONDE ONE WITH THE SHARP HAIR CUT AND THE TIGHT PECS AND THE HOT ASS BODY” dad is there something you want to tell me

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Octopus eggs Photo credit: Simon Chandra

FUN FACT: These eggs are evil. Octopus babies are evil. Let me tell you why. The octopus mother lays her eggs in a cave roof and spends 6 months guarding them from potential predators and swaying the eggs with her tentacle so they get oxygen. This means she doesn’t eat or sleep until they hatch. When the octopus babies hatch, she dies from fatigue and starvation. THEN THEY FUCKING EAT HER. THEY EAT THEIR MOTHER WHO DIED BECAUSE SHE WAS LOOKING AFTER THEM. THEY. EAT. HER.

This sounds like what my mother said i did to her
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urls are getting so fucking weird now… like what the fuck is a “communist bakery”

no idea… sounds like a really dumb blog

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"John can’t be bisexual, he married a WOMAN"


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